Custom Home Builders

When you’re building a custom home, you need access to the best materials at the best prices.  You also need a design team who truly understands high-end homes. RM Interiors & Design has worked with Custom Home Builders for over 20 years, and we know your needs. We are the right choice, so come on down to our Design Center or give us a call today – 480-830-4848

You’ll get High-End Experience Without Paying High-End Prices

Whether your custom work entails a complete home build, a total home makeover, or just repair work, RM Interiors & Design gives you the materials and design expertise you need.  We can help you with hardwood flooring, gorgeous stone work, tile inlays in showers or backsplashes, and so much more.  Together we can gather the perfect materials for your custom work.

We are here to help you service your clients.  We do this by giving you great cost-savings while still providing the high-quality products your clients demand.  We know the custom home business because we have been a part of custom home builds for decades, and we are committed to meeting your needs.

We cater to Custom Home Builders by giving you:

  • On-staff designers who can help you design your home, or work with your existing designs
  • Over 20 years experience doing custom home work
  • CAD drawings to demonstrate what the different products will look like in the home
  • The best products at the best prices

Stop by our Design Center today or give us a call at 480-830-4848.